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Applicant tracking systems, or ATSs, are increasingly used by companies to store, scan, and rank applicants' resumes before getting them into the hands of recruiters and hiring managers. While these software platforms were popular with large companies at first, they have become a common recruiting tool for employers of all sizes. ATS software is designed with the goal of eliminating the least qualified candidates from the applicant pool; however, the software is also known to pass over qualified candidates during its initial scan. How does this happen?

Simple. Even qualified applicants can find their application knocked out of the running and floating around in the infamous resume black hole if they didn't write their resume with the ATS in mind.

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Career Quiz: Is your resume ATS friendly?

Depending on your results, you are either pretty secure in your chances against the software — or you need to tweak your resume. To learn more about how to tailor your resume to the make it past the ATS, check out TopResume's #OfficeHours Live Chat video recording here.

Not sure if your resume can beat the bots? Learn more about the ATS in our free infographic today!

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