LinkedIn endorsements can be a huge help with job searching. Here’s how to get more. [TWEET]

LinkedIn endorsements are a simple way for your colleagues and connections to recognize your expertise in a specific field with just one click. In addition, these seemingly simple endorsements can also help elevate your personal brand. A study by the Avid Careerist found that you will rank more highly in LinkedIn search results if you have a greater number of endorsements for the skill a recruiter is seeking.

Since LinkedIn’s collaborative features were released, several million people received endorsements from colleagues they never thought to ask. Here are a few steps to optimize your endorsements and return the love.

List the skills you want people to notice.

Think like a salesperson. Determine which of your technical skills and core competencies are most important to your industry and relevant to your current job goals. List these skills first, from most important to least important. This is a road map for people to endorse the correct talents.

Rub a few backs.

Start with your closest colleagues, since these are the people who you know the best and are most likely to return the favor. Endorse the skills you’ve seen these people demonstrate in the workplace and I guarantee many of them will reciprocate. After endorsing your closest colleagues, endorse the skills of those you met at important functions or during your line of work, such as clients, vendors, or freelancers..

Ask for LinkedIn endorsements.

This is the trickiest of all techniques. You want people to acknowledge your skills and strengths, but you don’t want to come off as begging for disingenuous endorsements. Instead of sending tons of generic “please endorse me” messages, personalize your requests by making note of a specific project you worked on with them. Gently remind them of your contributions, and ask them to offer comments on the project in the form of skill endorsements.

Make updates and link your social media profiles.

Do you have a blog? This is a great way to display your skills and earn endorsements. Share your latest blog posts using LinkedIn’s update feature. Make changes to your profile often, share updates, and engage other users who connect with you. In other words, don’t become the LinkedIn equivalent of a wall flower. There are many people are on LinkedIn, but few update their status on a regular basis. This means if you choose to post updates to LinkedIn, you’ll get on your connections’ radar. If you’re sharing insightful quotes and quality content, you’ll also give them a reason to endorse you for the LinkedIn skills you have listed.

Remember your manners.

Don’t forget to say thanks. So many LinkedIn users take the endorsements their friends and colleagues post  for granted and never take the time to say thanks. This not only is rude, but it ensures these connections are less likely to help boost your personal brand like that again. A quick, but kind, thank you for a LinkedIn endorsement goes a long way.

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